Veterans Memorial Auditorium Rep Light Plot

I have been the electrics department head / house electrician at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence, RI for the past couple years, with IATSE Local #23.

The Vets, as locals call it,  is the home of the RI Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Festival Ballet Providence.  During a typical season,  we have to handle a variety of touring shows, from single stand-up comics to full-blown theatrical shows, dance companies and rock concerts. About 60% of the shows coming in will bring their own gear with them,  but for the remainder,  the Vets has a full repertory lighting inventory.

The rep light plot was originally developed by Alan Pickert, a local lighting designer.  He developed the plot to handle the needs of the Festival Ballet, who do two major productions per season at the Vets. The rep plot has evolved from a mostly dance plot to a more general purpose plot, to handle the variety of shows coming thru the building.

I have recently codified that evolution into a new version of the plot, drawn in VectorWorks Spotlight.  Here is a link to a PDF version (right click to download),  that you can enlarge,  and this is a reasonably sized JPG, which you can also click on and get a somewhat enlarged version:


For those who care to delve further,  here is the paperwork associated with this plot- channel hookup, circuit hookup, magic sheet, (all PDF, right click to download) and an Aug 2019 show file  for our ETC Element console.  It will work on most ETC EOS family consoles like the ION. –

Vets rep light plot PDF (updated Aug 2019)

Vets rep plot channel hookup (needs update)

Vets rep plot circuit hookup  (needs update)

Vets rep plot instrument schedule (needs update)

Vets rep plot magic sheet by house board channel (ETC Element, updated Aug 2019)

Vets rep plot magic sheet by circuit patch (for road consoles, updated Aug 2019)

Vets base rep show file with LED cyc Aug 2019 (right click to download)  (ETC  Element EOS family of consoles)




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